The Divine Comedy through Hunter Library

Digital projects

Below you can find links to some digital resources that we will use during the semester

The World of Dante (University of Virginia)

Danteworlds (UTexas)

Digital Dante (Columbia)

The Princeton Dante Project

Dante’s Works CUNY Commons

Dante Society of America

Cornell University Library (IMAGE ARCHIVE)

Dante Today Citings & Sightings of Dante’s Works in Contemporary Culture (Bowdoin University)

OER Articles

Matt Collins, “Dante’s Divine Comedy in Late Medieval and Early Renaissance art,” in Smarthistory, December 30, 2015, accessed January 14, 2019, https://smarthistory.org/dantes-divine-comedy-in-late-medieval-and-early-renaissance-art/.

Ben Pollitt, “George Frederic Watts, The Minotaur,” in Smarthistory, August 9, 2015, accessed January 14, 2019, https://smarthistory.org/gf-watts-the-minotaur/.