Assignment 1 – Canto 1



I found these images using the resources under the “Resources” tab on the site. The image is a collation of multiple works of art by Suloni Robertson. I believe this image stuck out to me the most because it displays a clear and vivid image of how Dante perceives his first journey into the dark wood.

As i was reading canto 1, I thought that he had encountered 3 actual beats, those being the lion, she-wolf, and leopard but I’ve come to the conclusions that these “beasts” are reflections of Dante’s own Fraud(Leopard), violence(Lion), and disordered appetite(she-wolf). the allegory behind this canto is very important towards understanding Dante as a poet. He introduces Virgil who in Inferno┬áis his guide since Dante himself is a pilgrim. From lines 79-84 of Canto 1, you can tell how much respect Dante has towards and how wise Dante expresses Virgil to be “O honor and light of the other poets, let my long study and great love avail me, that has caused me to search through your volume.(81-83)”. Virgil explains to Dante that he will guide him through the path of hell so that he doesn’t fall into any traps while on the way to purgatory (line 134).