The Power to do Good

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In Canto 7 Dante descends to the 4th circle where there are two kinds of dammed dwelling. That of avaricious and prodigal nature respectively. It is interesting to see that two sides of the same coin are to be stuck in the same circle of hell. Both, with one thing in common which is the misuse or the lack there of of their power. Money is a driving force in the world that Dante lives in and even in the world that we live in , so it is understandable to see where being corrupt or loose with money can make you end up. Furthermore, this Canto provides insight on the power struggle and self control people in high places must maintain in hopes of not ending up in the 4th circle of hell. Today, especially, we can relate this to our messed up political system in which the rich are meant to become richer because of their power and the system that adheres to them. Also, with many musical artists, particularly hip-hop artists that misuse their money and spend a large chunk of it on unnecessary materialistic things that have come about from war and bloodshed.  When thinking of the subject of money and monetary actions of good and bad it is helpful to refer to this Canto as well as this painting or image that I found on the web which is meant to resemble Plutus, the demon which Dante encounters, but I feel this demon painting resembles more anyone that is enslaved to the thirst for money. Just like any other addiction, massively hoarding or wastefully spending money can be looked at as a disease in which there may be no cure once too far gone.


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  1. Stefania Porcelli

    I like the first sentences, but then your style becomes a little too colloquial. You make good points, but consider commenting more on the text, even only one line.
    When you mention the image (great!) name the title and the author.
    Use categories and tags.


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